Budget Costs and Resource Plan



(Adams, 2009)

These resources are for those seeking information on how to begin a project plan and what steps are deemed necessary to include in such project plans. Mostly these resources are informative and geared more toward novices in search of better understanding/knowledge of the overall processes involved when creating and executing successful projects.

  1. How to create a perfect Project Plan
    1. This resource by Rastogi explains the many variables involved with creating a project. It further goes to define what a project is and the varies entities needed to make it succeed. I do like the source includes a few sample images/templates of certain tasks like creating a project charter, WBS, and communication plan.


  1. Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design
    1. This article focuses on estimating costs and time for ID projects. It further goes on to explain how estimating costs vary depending on 1. The nature of the project and 2. How close you are with stakeholders (communication). Clark explains that when using the “ISD model performing evaluations throughout the various phases and using the feedback to adjust the program for the desired results is what estimating costs and resources is all about.” (Clark, 2015) Using an eLearning development program as a guide he showcases the various elements and considerations needed to execute a project.








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Rastogi, A. (2017). How to create a perfect Project Plan: A step by step guide. Retrieved from https://www.greycampus.com/blog/project-management/10-steps-to-create-a-project-plan

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