Learning From A Project: Post Mortem


During my third year as an undergrad I was taking a class in operations management and my group and I were tasked with assessing different methods and processes involved in manufacturing plants or warehouse. It has been many years since I participated in this assignment, so I do not recall the specific company we were studying at the time. However, at the end of the project we presented a seemingly decent project that dove into many variables including if the company was efficient, how they ensured quality, how the eliminate waste, and what methods/processes can be improved.

Adapting the post mortem to that final project I realized that while we did accomplish our goal in delivering a top down breakdown of the innerworkings of the company followed by some methods that could be incorporated to improve other processes and eliminate waste (time & resources). The most frustrating portion was communication within the group. As we each took a portion to cover we never checked in or communicated during the process to see if we were all on track. I believe we met only once during the entire project which was used only to discuss what portion of the project we were to incorporate and assign work that was to be done individually. Looking back I do believe that had we at least communicated online during the project things could have gone a lot smoother and there would be no need for second guessing what material to cover. Specifying a timeline would have also been a great help as I believe we all worked to the last minute even though the project was submitted on time it would have been beneficial in the review process. Only one member was given all the pieces of the project and we all sort of put our faith that they would deliver a quality project. If we had successfully created a timeline we would have ample time to see how the project was going and what the final deliverable looked like before submitting it in. In the end the project did meet the basic standards set forth by the professor but failed to be refined. While our project was successful in that we did not fail the process of delivering it could have gone smoother.

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